Past Exhibitors

2013 Maker Faire

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Name Booth
2013 FIRST Robotics robot FC4
21st Century Spinners (was Spinning Wheel Group) 30.6
3D Robotics 26
3Rs Robotics 66
A Helping Hand 5
AbilityCatcher Animal Totem Shirts 30.2
AeroQuad – The Open Source Multicopter Project! 23
AeroTestra HUGO Quadcopter 24
Air Rockets 45.1
Airwolf 3D Printers 12
Altitude CAM 22
arLCD (from Earthmake) 14
Arxterra Telerobotic Parks 20
AryaBall 69.1
Build-a-Game 63
casEnse (was Sensing Case) 17
Charlie and Pearl the Unicorn Bikes 76.1
Counter Clockwork Games (was Game Crafter) 62
Countertop Aquaponic System 36.2
Deezmaker 3D Printers and Hackerspace 11
Demolition Game AKA Strato Labs 49
DeskLights 37
Digital Logic Tutorial 50
Earthmake 14
Electric Car Conversions from the Kick Gas Car Club 999
Electric Giraffe Stage
Electric Storm (was QuadTacular Parade) 40
Engineering and Beyond AKA Engineering Challenges from San Diego Science Alliance 43
Escondido Public Library 59
Fab Lab San Diego 5
feetZ 47
FIRST Robotics FC1
Francis Parker W.A.R. Lords FC3
Full Spectrum Laser 39
Gears & Roebuck 61
Guardian Helmets 58
Hacking ‘Dat Brain 75
Handmade Music (also Burn Heart Synth) 55
Hardware Hack: Catgenie + Raspberry PI 33
High Tech High 51
Hurricane Laser Cutters 41
Ignitus / Tijuana makers Ecosystem 1
International Space Station Microlab 48
ISS-Above – International Space Station – ABOVE YOU 19
Kossel Clear by Blue Eagle Labs 8
Lakeside Amateur Radio Club FC6
Learn to Solder 20.2
LED Light Displays 15
Magboo Jewelry (was Adorable Mayhem) 30.1
Magnetic Magic 73
Make Magazine 77
Make Your Own Solar Cooker Table
Maker Place 34
Making @ your library (Central Library) 6
Marshmallow Shooters 45.2
MatterHackers 13
MIT Mobile Fab Lab 999
Mold Making and Resin Casting Using 3D Printing 45
Morpho-Genetic Origami 72
Mosaica Online of Southern California 44
Nerdy Derby 56.1
Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio FC5
Odd Lights 15
Old Art in a New Age 30.5
Open Source Maker Labs 3
Photographic Phantograms 64
PowerzAll 16
Qualcomm 28 and 52
R2 Builders 66.2
Racing Robotics 65
RAWALA (Robot Assemblers With A Long Acronym) FC2
Regular Cutups of North San Diego County 38
Reuben H. Fleet Science Tinkering Studio 4
Rhythm Core Alpha 2 54
RoadRacers 18
RoBo 3D Printer 46
Robolink 76
Rokenbok Toy Company 56
San Diego Aquaponics Society 38.1
San Diego Drone Users Group 25
San Diego Star Wars Society – Costuming Armor 66.1
SandBox 3D Printer 10
SD City Robotics 35
SDSU – HiTech EdVentures 71
Self-watering planters Table
Shop Brain 32
Silent Orchestra 15
SmartJars 61.2
Snapo 57
Special Topics 7
Strato Sculpin 52.1 and 61.1
Subinitial Stacks 30
Subtle Seasons 36
Sustainable In-Fill Development 74
The Onda Cycle 20.1
The Wet Lab 2
Thingify 9
Two Bit Circus 70
Ubuntu 21
UC San Diego Coordinated Robotics Lab 29
Unique Dice Towers 36.1
University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering 71
Wind Tunnel Project, “Paperclip” 42
Wired Redhead Jewelry 30.3
Wood Burning Exhibition 30.4
Wooden Electric Cart 76.1
Your Heaven 53

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  1. Hello Could you change Robotics Hands-on Education (was Robolink) to Robolink? Thank you.

  2. Done, thanks for catching that!

  3. Could You please add irHacker / Dat Brain booth.
    links: irHacker (San Diego based Hackerspace and technology enhanced education non-profit)
    dat Brain (neuroscience for the 99%)

    Thanks Katie, Travis, and all the organizers who have put so much time, effort and love into what will surely be an amazing day!

  4. Hey guys!
    If you wanted to link to my website (for Handmade Music (burnHeartSynth) its

  5. Hello Mark – I would really appreciate if you would add a link to my details above for ISS Above ( Thank you!!

  6. It’s there now! See you tomorrow!

  7. EarthMake (listed as arLCD in show guide)will have a drawing for an ArLCD Arduino compatible 3.5″ touchscreen LCD every two hours.

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